Friday, December 21, 2007

Daily Update for Chacala Rentals

12/30/07 Aurora and Concha both have some openings for various units with and without kitchens for several weeks during January and February. Affordable, nice, clean, wonderful family and a block+ to the Andee at for further info for Aurora's and Concha's. Or if you speak Spanish you can call Aurora at 011 52 327 219 4027 and make your reservation directly with her.

12/30/07 Casa de Antonia has a nice new kitchen addition to the downstairs unit., $45us a night. The upstairs unit, no kitchen, in $350mx. Near the school yard, one year old, clean and nice.
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12/30/07 Angeles's new unit with bedroom/bath and attached kitchen is open for early January, and late February, but not for long. $350us a month/$350mx a night.

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